Droid Please: Solo! #itsfine

Come join our post-Solo discussion! All the spoilers ahead. We discuss all aspects of the film, and discover the true guiding ethos behind the creation of this film. #whynot

Droid, Please! Episode 1: The Last Jedi

Your Professors don their Jedi Master robes for our first official episode of Droid, Please!, our running Star Wars project. And what better place to start than with an exhaustive (not really) discussion of the latest Star Wars installment, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi? We couldn’t think of a better place, either. Discussion Part 1:…


Your professors talk Wonder Woman! Costuming, gender dynamics, male vs. female directors, why this movie is far too good for the Snyderverse, and more! As usual — no transcript, and proceed at your own risk because SPOILERS ABOUND.

Drunk Potterwatch #1: Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

Welcome to our inaugural Drunk Potterwatch! We’ll be keeping it simple for these, which are more or less bonus episodes. No transcript, mainly because Professor Seraphine couldn’t bring herself to transcribe her own drunken ramblings. So for the brave (and possibly bored) among you, enjoy our drinky movie-length commentary!

Fantastic Beasts, Part 2: Tempests in Teapots and Force Lightning Level

We’re back, with Part 2 of our Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them discussion! ┬áIn this episode we pick up at the most disturbing execution scene, and discuss: moral implications of the death penalty, echoes of concentration camps, egregious waste of government chair funds, the occasional superiority of Muggle logic, magic makeup is a…

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Discussion Part 1

This week on Advanced Muggle Studies, we discuss: fashy haircuts and stylish Nazis, American religious fundamentalism, eminently believable witches, nominative determinism, the best way to ruin My Fair Lady forever, sexy alternate universes, homoerotic manipulation, magical threat levels, how to ACTUALLY get expelled from Hogwarts, and why a magical espionage is a great career path…