Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Ch. 1-3: Mistresses Margery and Dolores’s Institute for Badly Trained Bulldogs and Children to be Punished

Ch. 4: This will go much smoother if you’ve already read the book, dear

Ch. 5: Just keep the eldritch horrors out of my backyard, thanks

Ch. 6: Horoscopes and hippogriffs know no personal boundaries

Ch. 7: Ottaline Gambol is the boggart’s boggart

Ch. 8: Kappa Dat Ass Up

Ch. 9: 394 Shades of Hinkypunk Hanky-Panky

Ch. 10: Monologuing or it didn’t happen

Ch. 11: Your Honor, I present this piglet as witness for the defense

Ch. 12: A salamander Patronus for our Lord

Ch. 13-14: That’s What She Said

Ch. 15-16: Balls.