Book 2: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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Ch. 1-3: By Day He’s a Weasley, But By Night He’s a Disney Princess

Ch. 4-5: Still a Better Book Than Twilight

Ch. 6-7: Common Sense Dictates A 20-Week Mandrake Ban Until Women Stop Sinning With Their Butts

Ch. 8-10: The Great Hermione-Riddle Flatter Off

Ch. 11-12: Ten Points To House Hufflepun!

Ch. 13-14: Won’t Someone Think of the Children? (Seriously, No One Here Will)

Ch. 15: Sadly, Prostitute Spiders Might Have Ended All This Sooner

Ch. 16: All Hail The Reigning Weasel Of God!

Ch. 17: Thus the Lord Cast Out Satan, The Great Armadillo, And We All Cried Out For More Rum

Ch. 18: A Multitude of Redeemed Lazari And A Hailstorm of Ottaline Gambols